Earning Yield Privately with Sacred

The Sacred Way

Bringing Privacy to Decentralized Finance. 🕶️ 1. To earn privately, Sacred users place their deposit into a Sacred Box. This box houses smart contracts that accept pre-set amounts (ie. ETH 1, ETH 10, ETH 100 etc...) and ensures observers will not be able to differentiate between the bucketed amounts during withdrawal.
2. A randomly generated Sacred Claim, in the form of a string of words and letters is generated upon deposit.
3. The deposit is transferred to our DeFi partners and gain interest.
4. The Sacred Claim is submitted for withdrawal and cryptographically verifies the deposited assets before releasing them to the clean address. Once the user withdraws the principal, they will be able to redeem the interest - all in private! While users can still use Sacred for private payments, they can also use Sacred to earn private yield.
Since Sacred is a fork of tornado cash, check out the tornado cash github and whitepaper to learn more about how zk powered privacy transactions work. Also, if you have further questions about any of them bug us on Discord!
Last modified 2mo ago
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