How to use Sacred

Sacred’s simple one-step process abstracts the steps for you to attain maximum privacy by integrating DeFi protocols with Sacred’s mixer.
Before you start. Please read the Sacred Rules - This is vital to ensure your privacy while using Sacred.

Deposit and Withdraw your Principal

0. Agree and Connect after reading the Terms and Conditions.

All of our products are still experimental software. Please use it at your own risk.

1. Receive Claim:

Before an asset is deposited into a Sacred Box, a unique Sacred Claim is generated in the form of a string of words and letters. This claim is locally generated and only the depositor will have access to this Sacred Claim. The Claim is critical to withdraw the deposited assets and needs to be stored somewhere safe.

2. Deposit:

To earn yield privately, Sacred users place their deposit into a Sacred Box. This box houses smart contracts that accept pre-set amounts (i.e. MATIC 100 or 0.1 ETH) and ensures observers will not be able to differentiate between the bucketed amounts during withdrawal.
3. Approve tokens to be spent by the sacred protocol
4. Deposit tokens into the sacred mixer

5. The deposit is transferred to the designated DeFi partner and accrues yield. (Only for V1 of Sacred)

6. Wait for a couple of days for other deposits to layer on top of your deposit to increase the privacy of your transaction.

7. Withdraw your principal: The Sacred Claim is submitted for withdrawal and cryptographically verifies the deposited assets before releasing them to the clean address. Note: Your assets can be withdrawn to a brand new account without any MATIC/ETH in it, as our relayers enable gasless transactions for our users. We strongly recommend using relayers for privacy.

Once you withdraw the principal, you will be able to redeem the yield- privately!

8. Withdraw your Yield: COMING SOON.

Further information on how a mixer works:

Since Sacred is a fork of tornado cash, check out the tornado cash github and whitepaper to learn more about how zk powered mixers work. Unlike the Tornado Cash mixer, Sacred integrates with DeFi, providing another layer of privacy through Sacred Boxes.
When you deposit assets in a Sacred Box, Sacred interacts with a DeFi partner on your behalf. Since every transaction made on Sacred goes through a mixer, your depositing and withdrawing addresses are further disassociated allowing you to maintain your privacy.
If you have questions, bug us on Discord!