Token Supply & Distribution


No tokens will be minted in V1 of Sacred. We want to make sure our product runs as smoothly as possible before we introduce the token to the core tech. However, we will reward early Sacred adopters (hint, hint, nudge, nudge <3)!
$SACRED has no financial value. $SACRED provides users with the opportunity to participate in the protocol's governance. $SACRED holders will be able to create and vote on Sacred Improvements Proposals after the launch of Sacred DAO.

Token Supply and Distribution

The total supply of 10 Million $SACRED will be distributed:
Token Allocation
Vesting Periods
Airdrop (Details coming soon)
100% Released at TGE
Incognito Mining*
9% released at TGE, 3% released for 6 months, and then the Sacred DAO will determine rewards allocated for every month
Liquidity Provision
100% Released at TGE
Liquidity Mining
More details coming soon!
Investors & Ecosystem Partners*
After a 6-month lock-up, 10% will be released and increasing linearly every 5~7. The total vesting period will be 24 months.
DAO Treasury*
After a 3 month lock-up, the vesting supply will start at 1%, increase at a linear rate every 6~12 months, and the total vesting period will be 51 months.
$SACRED Vesting Period


The tokens incentivize early Sacred supporters of the protocol. There will be a variety of programs for Sacred users to participate in the airdrops.
  1. 1.
    Trusted Setup Ceremony Participants
    • Users who participate in Sacred's Trusted Setup Ceremony will receive an airdrop. Details coming soon!
  2. 2.
    Feedback Bounty Program
    • After testnet launch, we will run a feedback bounty program. This bounty program will be specific to users providing inputs on UI/UX ideas, insightful plans on how Sacred can evolve, and partnerships introductions + implementations.
  3. 3.
    Technical Bounty Program
    • Users who provide technical feedbacks (bugs, smart contract errors, etc) will receive rewards for their contributions. The rewards will be separated into subcategories depending on the severity of the bugs.

Incognito Mining

Sacred users should have a say in the governance and evolution of the protocol. Incognito Mining is an incentive program that rewards users based on the duration and the size of the user's deposits. Users who lock their tokens on Sacred, will not only earn yield from our lending partners but also earn $SACRED. This will not only incentivize users to lock their assets into Sacred but also increase the anonymity set of each Sacred Box which further increases the privacy of the users.
More details on Incognito Mining coming soon - Stay Tuned!
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