Incognito Mining
The design for Incognito Mining is inspired by Tornado Cash’s anonymity mining. Unlike the traditional format of liquidity mining, this two-step incognito liquidity mining system would not reveal how much time the deposit spends in a Sacred Box.
As mentioned in our Anonymity Set section, mixers rely on the volume of transactions for each Sacred Box for the level of privacy. To increase the level of privacy, the Sacred DAO will be allocating and rewarding the individuals who deposit into the Sacred Box.
If you deposit into a Sacred Box that offers Incognito Credits (IC), you will be awarded “x” IC per block, depending on the period your deposit is in the Sacred Box. The IC can be exchanged for SACRED tokens once the Incognito Credits are claimed in our Sacred Automated Market Maker (SAMM). TL:DR if you happen to be a visual learner...
Last modified 13d ago
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