Growing the Sacred Community
  • Feedback Program
  • Launch Early Contributors Program
  • Grow the Sacred Team
Polygon Testnet Launch
  • Testing Phase
  • Aave integrated Sacred launch
  • Halborn Smart Contract Audit
Token Generation Event (More information coming!)
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Bonding
Sacred DAO launch
  • Commonwealth Launch
  • Find DeFi partners (Yield aggregator/Optimizers, Staking platform, etc.)
  • Build out onboarding process & proposal mechanisms for DAO
Polygon V1 Mainnet Launch
  • Sacred Ceremony (Public Trusted Set up Ceremony)
  • Incognito Mining Begins
  • Upgrade UX/UI designs
  • Develop partnerships in Polygon & Privacy Ecosystems ​
Multi-chain + More features
  • Onchain Claim Storage
  • More DeFi integrations - Yield Aggregators, Yield Optimizers, Staking, and more!