Inspect Tool

Leverage the Inspect Tool to reveal your transaction history, remain regulatory compliant, and track transaction records. Security-wise, only the owner of the Sacred Claim can unravel the ZK-SNARK black box to see transaction history. Insert your Sacred Claim in the Inspect Tool to reveal the deposit and withdrawal address related to the Sacred Claim. Users can keep track of all the transactions made through Sacred by downloading a PDF through the Inspect Tool for each redeemed Sacred Claim. Why? In a Web 3.0 environment, where you currently have no choice but to be financially naked in the open ledger blockchain, Sacred is offering users the agency to access and share their transactional information at any time. We are firm believers in privacy, not secrecy.
Secrecy is defined as hiding information and is usually compelled by fear or shame because of doing a questionable or embarrassing act. On the other hand, privacy is the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed.