Incognito Credits

Spent Claims provide access for users to redeem earned Incognito Credits (IC). Please note that only withdrawn claims can earn IC - claims that have not been withdrawn cannot receive IC. This is because the zero-knowledge proof clocks in how many ICs are owed to the user only after the principal is withdrawn (depending on how long the asset stayed in the Sacred Box). The IC you receive will vary depending on the Sacred Box, and is determined by the Sacred DAO.

For Example, if the instance size is 10 MATIC : IC per block 20

From an observer’s point of view of the Incognito Account, they will only be able to see that someone claimed some IC batch of unknown size for some claim for a certain Sacred Box. To further obscure this transaction, Sacred users can use a relayer to redeem IC via a relayer and IC will be accepted as compensation to cover the relaying costs.

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