Sacred Rules
Sacred Rules to keep your deposit private
Here are 7 rules to keep your deposit private when you use Sacred Finance. These rules are to keep you and everyone using Sacred more private. If a user were to not follow the Sacred Rules, that contribution will be considered a Spoiled Transaction (ST) - which contributes to the anonymity set as just a nominal value but does not provide any privacy to the rest of the users in the anonymity set. This means that you won't be private while using the Sacred nor will you contribute to the privacy of others in the pool.

Rule 1:

Use different wallet addresses (multiple even) when making a withdrawal from Sacred To leverage a mixer, you must use a different wallet address when making a withdrawal. Even if you arent using a blockchain surveillance tool, anyone will be able to easily tell that you've made a transaction on Sacred if you use the same deposit and withdrawal wallet address for transferring crypto assets.
Furthermore, never make transactions directly from a depositing address to a withdrawing address, and avoid doing so indirectly via intermediate addresses that you own. Research has shown that many users send funds from their depositing addresses to their withdrawing addresses after making a deposit and withdrawal and has already been used to deanonymize users retroactively.
Moving a majestic 10 ETH more than 5 times? It's best to withdraw such a remarkable amount to multiple withdrawal addresses as opposed to just one.

Rule 2:

Use a VPN or TOR Your IP address is another digital data point that can be tied to your identity. When making a transaction with your wallet, oftentimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can link your IP address to your withdrawal transaction (and its wallet address) - revealing your identity. Using a VPN or TOR can alleviate this, as it obscures your IP address.

Rule 3:

Wait for 5~10 deposits to be made after you deposit your assets before withdrawing. Patience is a virtue, and an immediate asset withdrawal right after you made the deposit severely impacts your privacy. An observer can make an educated guess that the immediate deposit and withdrawal was made by the same 1 ETH deposited at 8:00 am is the same as 1ETH withdrawn at 8:01 am.
The more deposits after your own are made, the more the mixer camouflages your deposit. Imagine you drop a quarter into a box. The more coins that are dropped into the box after you drop in your coin, the less likely an observer would be able to figure out your withdrawal. Additionally, the more TVL in a Sacred Box, the more everyone benefits as privacy is a shared commodity and the bigger the pools the harder it is to trace!

Rule 4:

Keep your deposits (assets) longer on Sacred Finance. As mentioned above, the longer your assets are locked in the Sacred Box, the higher the transaction volume will be in Sacred’s mixer, increasing your transaction’s privacy level. This increases anonymity set and security! Additionally, this means a higher number of withdrawals from the Sacred Box will further camouflage your withdrawal to the new wallet. We recommend withdrawing assets after 24 hours, however at a minimum, ensure there have been at least 5~10 deposits made after your deposit.

Rule 5:

Stagger deposits at different times of the day and especially do not deposit and withdraw on the same day. Clues to your transaction history may be revealed If you redeem all Sacred Claims at the same time or too close to when assets were deposited. Space out withdrawing your assets over time by staggering your withdrawal times and making sure you’re using different addresses. We are all creatures of habit, and it is easy to interact with DApps around familiar time patterns. By doing this a personal footprint is left to the Internet Service Providers, about your DApp interactions and frequencies providing habitual information. Randomizing the times your deposit and withdraw your funds can further maximize your privacy.

Rule 6:

Use fresh addresses to generate your Incognito Accounts. Did you know you can collect Incognito Credits and yield onto your incognito accounts not generated from either your depositing or withdrawing addresses? Fresh accounts further obscure traceability.

Rule 7:

Keep your privacy to yourself. If a Sacred user reveals the time and date of their deposits and withdrawals, it decreases the community privacy level by decreasing the number of anonymity sets made on Sacred. So, for the sake of privacy, don't post your transaction details, times or dates on social media or onto any public platforms as it will impact the overall privacy of the Sacred Boxes, as well as your own privacy.
These are critical ‘rules’ that have a huge impact on your privacy as well as Sacred community’s privacy. Please ask the community members on Discord if you don't understand these rules!
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